Patient Information

Insurance and Billing

We accept all insurances, and are always available to assist you with any billing matters, issues, or concerns. We work hard behind the scenes to make sure that all your treatments are approved by and paid for by your insurance companies. However, it is important to remember that most plans do require some form of co-payment.

We also accept mainland insurance plans, and have many patients from the mainland who visit with Dr. Ng while on vacation or extended stay here in Hawaii.

What You Should Expect at Your First Appointment

Your referring doctor will complete our consult request form or will provide us with a brief summary, or ideally, detailed clinic notes of your problem in advance of your appointment. Please bring a copy of your previous medical records and results of any diagnostic tests, if possible. Also bring a list of medications and eye drops you are currently on, or bring the bottles with you.

Your initial visit will entail a review of your medical history and a thorough eye examination. Both your eyes will be dilated for the visit, so your vision will be blurry for several hours after. Dilation of both eyes is required for a thorough examination.

Please set aside two hours for your initial consultation. If additional tests are required, your visit could be longer. You may wish to have someone accompany you to help drive you home.

Please feel free to take home a copy of your visit notes or access them through our patient portal (electronic health record).

What You Should Expect at Your Follow Up Appointments

Your follow-up appointments will be shorter than your initial or first appointment. We will do our best to get you in and out in a very timely manner. We strive to get you worked up at your appointment time. Please note that there is additional time required for various diagnostic tests, prior to being seen by your doctor. So it will take some time after your official appointment time before you are actually seen by the doctor.

It is also important to realize that retinal diseases usually affect both eyes, so please expect that we will usually dilate both your eyes during the visit. We almost always dilate your eyes at each follow up visit. As retina specialists, we need to examine the back of eyes your thoroughly.

Please remember to bring all your eye drops with you to each appointment so that your doctor can discuss them with you, especially any changes that may be required.

Please feel free to take home a copy of your visit notes from every visit, or access them through our patient portal (electronic health record).



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